Sunday, September 27, 2015

What is a hickey ?

A Hickey is a generic term used for a kiss mark or a love bite. It is a bruise that is caused by aggressive and wild kissing or sucking of skin. Biting may also cause a hickey, but in most of the faces it’s just the sucking of skin. Human body contains wide range of blood vessels that transport blood throughout the body. The smallest of them are called as capillaries which are present on the surface layer beneath the skin. When a person sucks hard on the skin, the capillaries begin to rupture and the blood seeps out of the tissue. Hickeys are bruises that are caused by those broken blood vessels that lie under the skin’s surface. The blood that seeped out and has been clotted is red at first and with eventual absence of oxygen turns into purple or brown.

When you go out in social situations, having a hickey around the neck or at other visible places makes you socially awkward. There is a high possibility that people may observe it. However, the might just let it go, talk on your back or tease you for the carnality inside you. Therefore, getting rid of a hickey is an emergency or a mandatory thing as you don’t want to face the social insult. Listed are few methods that would help you get rid of a hickey in short time:

1. Cold Method: This is the best method used to get rid of a hickey. But you have to use it as soon as possible. All you have to do is wrap powdered ice in paper towel and rub it on your hickey. Press it and move it slowly around the hickey. Do it for around twenty minutes and make sure you repeat it several times on the same day. Your hickey won’t be there, the very next day.

2. Hot Method: Place a hot water bag on the compressed hickey area for more than twenty minutes. You can also use a towel instead. Important thing to consider using this method is that you should only use this after 48 hours. Using it before makes your hickey bigger.

3. Comb Method: Take a comb and brush the hickey with it. Apply pressure until unless it causes any itching. Do it for 10 minutes and then use the cold method. This is more effective than the initial one.

4. Lipstick Method: Find the cap of the lipstick like a cylindrical object. Place it on the top of hickey. Press it hard on the skin. While pressing, twist so that the skin gets twisted with the cap. Hold on for twenty seconds and release. Repeat for at least twenty times to see the result.

5. Peppermint Method: Use peppermint oil or mint oil for this method. Take the oil and apply it on the hickey area. Initially, tingling starts after applying. Once tingling has stopped, wipe the area with damp warm towel. Don’t overdo this method as it causes irritation to skin.

In case if you find that none of the above methods did not work for getting rid of your hickey, the only option that is left is by hiding it. Either wears clothing which helps you in covering it or buys a concealed and apply appropriate make up on it.